Gutter Cleaning



Residential gutters that haven’t been cleaned tend to be full of leaves and debris. This debris causes rain waterto back up and flow over the edge of the gutters causing foundation damage, siding damage.  Standing rain water also causes sagging and rotting of your gutters. Sullivan Chimney Sweep offers services that may cost a little over the short term but will save you hundreds or thousands over the long term.

Many home owners have found regular gutter cleaning to be a vital home maintenance item. When purchasing a home many home inspectors will look at the condition of the gutters and observe if they have been cleaned or maintained. When selling your home you will want to have your gutters cleaned before an inspection is scheduled.

We have the skills to assess the condition of the gutters and make any gutter repairs if needed. Such repairs may include sealing gutter seams, adding downspout extensions, painting the gutters and repairing gutter brackets.

Sullivan Chimney Sweep also installs gutter LEAF GUARDS to help prevent leaves from entering the gutters.